Saturday, November 27, 2010

Successful week in Australia - The Australian Geothermal Energy Conference 2010

From 16th to 19th November was held The Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (AGEC 2010) in Adelaide, Australia. Representatives of the Slovak Republic discussed there possibilities connecting the Slovak Republic to activities and projects focused on geothermal energy research and development (R&D).

The aim of the AGEC 2010 was presenting and discussing new topics from geothermal community and practical results of running projects. Our representatives, Igor Kočiš and Tomáš Krištofič, had a unique chance to present the development of the innovative non-contact ultra-deep drilling technology on the opposite side of the world. This presentation brought interesting and valuable discussion. The participants of the conference appreciated the concept of new Research center for deep drilling in Bratislava and the ultra-deep drilling method which is able to produce geothermal wells for an appropriate cost.

We must underline that the support of the geothermal energy in Australia is much more significant than in the European Union, particularly in Slovakia. The federal government, governments of individual states, academy, universities and industry are involved in the whole development and implementation process including its financing. The geothermal experts from Australia support new ideas which have a potential to succeed and to help to enable the growth of the geothermal technology segment.

After the conference, participants from Slovakia were invited to the informal meetings with important geothermal authorities in South Australia. South Australia territory is one of the most developed area in Australia regarding the geothermal projects including the well-known Habanero project in Cooper Basin by Geodynamics. Important was the meeting with representatives of the Department of Primary Industries & Resources of South Australia PIRSA. The topic of the discussions was possibility of cooperation between Slovakian R&D and Australian geothermal industry.

The contacts and created relations from the conference can create a scope for cooperation and testing of non-contact drilling technology in real demonstration projects.

You can see pictures from the conference and beautiful Australian nature on our Facebook site.

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