Sunday, December 5, 2010

The official opening - Research center for deep drilling technologies

On November 10th, Geothermal Anywhere officially opened the new laboratories - Research Center for Deep Drilling technologies in the premises of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It is a result of long-term activities whose aim is to support the geothermal technology research and development in Slovakia. The participants of this opening were the representatives of the research sector, industry and government organizations.

During the opening, Tomáš Krištofič, the technical director of Geothermal Anywhere, said: “In Slovakia, there is a potential to do a research that can be introduced into real live in a global scale. The main goal of new laboratories is the research of special generator system for disintegration of the rock in ultra-deep conditions based on pulsed electric plasma. This research would solve exponential price rise of deep drilling. A multidisciplinary approach must be guaranteed because of the difficulty and complexity of the whole development. In this process, new knowledge is needed, particularly knowledge from physics of plasma or new materials suitable for extreme conditions. Very important for the research team is the option of automated testing of new experiments.”

Research center is equipped with most advanced technological equipment which will be operated by experienced staff. We hope that the environment of the laboratories would be attractive for highly qualified professionals from all the relevant technology segments. The Research center was built with close partnership with Slovak University of Technology and relevant institutes from Slovak Academy of Sciences. The success of new research center will be guaranteed with an appropriate combination of all the factors mentioned above.

The official opening was associated with demonstration of new non-contact technology for deep drilling. The main aim of this new concept is to produce geothermal wells for an appropriate cost.

You can see pictures and more pieces of information from the official opening on our Geothermania portal.

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