Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exceptional Interractive Presentation Of Geothermal Power Plant In Iceland

During Geothermal week in Reykjavik (3.-9. 10. 2010) we had a unique chance to visit many beautiful places in Iceland. One of them was geothermal power plant HellisheiĆ°i. Its current production capacity is 213 MW. The power plant is situated in the Hengill area which represents one of the most extensive geothermal areas in Iceland.

 The power plant does not influence the environment in negative way. On the other hand, it products very low emissions of the greenhouse gases. Very interesting for us was an interactive creative model which simulates whole energy production process. Visitors can get a better idea about operation of geothermal power plants. Exceptional interactive presentation you can find on this address.

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