Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PLASMABIT Interface with surface subsystem

Last month, we started the series of articles describing the PLASMABIT - system for deep drilling in depths 6 kilometers (and deeper) in geothermal energy as well as hydrocarbon industry. Today we are focused on subsystem responsible for interface with surface.

This advanced cabling solution for energy and material supply for PLASMABIT rock disintegration system enabling real-time Logging-While-Drilling with on-line connection to downhole drilling activities. The subsystem is based on multi-channel cabling system for:
  • Electrical power supply for PLASMABIT rock disintegration subsystem
  • Electrical power supply for PLASMABIT Movement and anchoring subsystem
  • Demineralized water supply for PLASMABIT rock disintegration system as a plasma media for thermal disintegration
  • Water supply for downhole cooling processes
  • Optical fiber and Power-Line-Communication (PLC) for real-time controlling, measuring, sensing, logging and system information gathering of the drilling process
  • Carrier rope for cable strength, weight and elasticity support
  • Advanced cable guarding and shielding techniques
Interface to coiled tubing solution enables simplification of whole drilling process and logistics. The next article will be dedicated to the Movement and anchoring system.

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