Thursday, December 29, 2011

We congratulate the leading geothermal cities

Geothermal Energy Association chose at the beginning of December ten leading geothermal cities. They are good example of geothermal energy development and utilization and could serve as an example for the others wishing to find ways how to exploit huge potential of clean energy. And here they are:
  • Copenhagen in Denmark,
  • Larderello in Italy,
  • Reykjavik in Iceland,
  • Reno in Nevada (U.S.),
  • Perth in Australia,
  • Xianyang in China,
  • Madrid in Spain,
  • Masdar City in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates),
  • Klamath Falls in Oregon (U.S.),
  • Boise in Idaho (U.S.).

Just a few observations regarding some of the cities above. Copenhagen set the target of zero carbon emissions by 2025 and the aim of covering 50 perc. of its local heating needs by geothermal energy. At the same time, the extensive geological exploration GEUS revealed the huge geothermal potential under the city as well as under the majority of Denmark‘s land (more information here).

In case of Iceland, one should know that 87 perc. of local buildings are heated by geothermal. Surely, this is due to very kind nature conditions and anomalies, which could not be found anywhere in the world.

Geothermal energy is linked to heat, but the energy can be used in many different ways. This is the example of Perth, which declared the intention to massively develop geothermal cooling systems and geothermal air-conditioning units.

Masdar City plans to use solely renewables in the future. The half of overall energy demand should be covered thanks to geothermal power plants.

Last but not least, some U.S. cities we awarded as well: Boise for the largest direct use of geothermal systems in U.S., Klamath Falls for wide scale of ways how geothermal can be exploited in daily life and Reno for supporting the technology development, research and marketing.

Photo: jerrroen/ (licence under Creative Commons)

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