Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We introduce Mr. Innovation - Ivan Kocis

Ladies and gentlemen, a short time ago, Mr. Ivan Kocis joined our group on Facebook. Very openly, it is appropriate to call him „Mr. Innovation“. Let us provide some basic facts about his career background.

This time, Mr. Ivan Kocis is the President and Chairman of the Advisory Board of GA Drilling a.s. - the innovative technology company developing the breakthrough system enabling efficient ultra deep drilling for accessing and utilizing the vast sources of geothermal energy anywhere in the world.

Ivan is the inventor of five registered patents on field of engineering and ICT. He is research veteran, with 35 years of experience in leading positions within the large organizations and successful start-ups.

He is a member of various executive and scientific EU technological platforms‘ bodies and since 1990 he has hold several posts in Slovak government administration, all linked to research and development.

In 1999 he became the founder and chairman of The Eurovalley Industrial and Technological Park in Slovakia, which focuses on renewable and geothermal energy. From 1992 to 2000, as the CEO of the INFOTRANS Company, he achieved a dominant position in the special government-security market in Slovakia.

Before 1989, he led the R&D of the robotics and automation technology at the Institute of Mechanics and Automation of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. In other words, he led the team composed of 400 researchers. From 1964 to 1996 he published more than 80 scientific reports linked to automation and ICT. Under his leadership and with his participation, his team developed the first ever 16-bit computer in former Eastern block.

He holds the M.Sc. from the Technical University in Bratislava, specialization mechanization and automation as well as the Ph.D. from the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Beside the mother tongue, he speaks fluent English, German and Russian.

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