Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kalina Cycle

The next one among geothermal cycles is called "Kalina Cycle". It has been given name by its inventor, Russian engineer Alexander Kalina. Beside Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), Kalina Cycle is another cycle used in power facilities fueled by geothermal water streams of lower temperature.

In comparison with Organic Rankine Cycle, the main advantage of Kalina Cycle lies in higher thermodynamic efficiency. In addition, there is also so called "New Kalina Cycle" that can be characterized as one producing less emissions and requiring less energy while being used. There are various variations of Kalina Cycle, each one suitable for concrete mixture of geothermal water properties - working fluid.

Similarly to Organic Rankine Cycle, Kalina Cycle uses a working fluid comprised of at least two different components - typically water and ammonia. Unlike Organic Rankine Cycle, condensation of ammonia-water mixture typically permits additional heat recovery, so this fluid of much lower temperature can be repeatedly used in order to produce additional energy. Surely, the amount of additional energy is quite low and depends on the concrete ratio of water and other items included in working fluid.

Kalina Cycle trademark and patents are owned by Global Geothermal Ltd.

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