Thursday, August 7, 2014

European Conferences on Geothermal District Heating

Interested in knowing more about Geothermal District heating, what it can do for you and what the future holds? Join European Conferences on Geothermal District Heating (22-23rd September in Brussels) for information on the prospective and potential for geothermal district heating in Europe, as well as information on financing, business models and regulation. 
The second session will cover the technological developments and will be held in collaboration with a geothermal panel meeting, covering the Horizon 2020 in 2015 work programme. These sessions will be preceded by a conference on the EU’s Energy security strategy and the 2030 climate and energy package.

Who should attend?
  • National, Regional and local authorities, municipalities in particular. 
  • EU policy makers 
  • Universities and Training Centres 
  • Financial Actors (banks and other investors) 
  • District heating designers and installers 
  • DH operators and associations 
  • Owners and tenants of large buildings. 

In case you are interested in this topic, feel free to register here at the official site of GeoDH project. The event is free of charge!


  1. Isn’t it a wonderful time to be in the geothermal energy industry?

    Over the past 5 years, geothermal installed capacity has grown almost 1,800 MW in just the 15 fastest-growing jurisdictions: Kenya, the United States, Turkey, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, China, Australia, Romania, and Taiwan.

    But the real news here is that, going beyond the surface with an analysis of the growth in worldwide geothermal installed capacity in MWe from 1950 until the 2015 total of 12,635 MW, we are presented with a second exponential growth phase for geothermal installed capacity!

    The industry’s renewed vigor here is mainly due to the increase in medium-low temperature development projects through binary plants, in order that the industry may realize all the economically viable projects worldwide.

    “If the target of 140 GWe (2050) will be reached, it would be possible to produce from geothermal up to 8.3% of total world electricity production, serving 17% of world population.”

    93.5% of the current geologic potential remains untapped, and right now nearly 80 countries have projects in the pipeline. If all countries reach their announced geothermal power goals the global industry could reach 27-30 GW by the early 2030s.

    Now that we have confirmation from the installed capacity historical data that it can be done – how do we make this happen?


    - How can regulation enable cost-competitive electricity generation from enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) and other "forgotten renewables" in the United States?

    - In Indonesia, how can developers tap the $76 million (IDR 1 trillion) fund for geothermal exploration to mitigate early-stage costs and risks?

    - How can we partner with East African governments to increase the knowledge, development and utilization of the East African Rift region’s rich geothermal resources?


    - What do public funding agencies look for when making funding decisions?

    - How can developers tap the drivers for wealthy countries’ development engagement with countries in Africa?

    - What instruments are funding agencies creating to help geothermal developers take on riskier projects?

    Case studies

    - What can we offer to be part of building and operating a 500 MW facility in Africa?

    - What are the other 100+ MW opportunities in Kenya, beyond Olkaria?

    - How can we be part of meeting Indonesia’s rising demand for power?

    - How do we overcome infrastructure obstacles, such as those relating to transmission networks?

    - How can we build broad stakeholder support for geothermal projects?

    Enjoy candid and dynamic discussions with international industry peers on the above issues leading to a stronger role for geothermal in the world’s electricity generation mix at the the 5th World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015, happening December 10-11, 2015 in San Francisco, California, bringing the latest financing and technology options to help our teams maximize returns from our geothermal investments. Register today!

    Attend the World Geothermal Energy Summit 2015 and get in the door to geothermal development and construction projects in countries like the USA, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Philippines, Iceland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Djibouti, Bolivia, and others!

    What is different about the WGES is the participation of the entire international commercial ecosystem needed to bring a project from idea to completion and maintenance - including the regulators, the gencos and plant operators, the best technologies, and the funding agencies and development banks who provide the project financing.

    For speaking, sponsoring, exhibiting or delegate enquiries contact:

    - Call us at
    +1 917 512 2878

    - Fax the registration to
    +1 646 513 4296

    - Email your delegates' details to

    - Register on the website

    - Tweet us

    See you there!

    Mia Messina
    Marketing, WGES 2015

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