Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We present groundbreaking PLASMABIT system

To this time, we wrote just about geothermal energy in general and we also introduced ourselves. The time has come to start talking about Geothermal Anywhere‘s innovative drilling concept that could find the huge sense when it comes to geothermal energy, but at the same time, PLASMABIT could become the useful solution in hydrocarbon (oil and gas) drilling industry as well.

What is hidden beneath PLASMABIT system term? Proudly we say - this is our technology , this is our innovative approach to deep drilling, this is the end of exponential growth of drilling costs in depths 3 kilometers and deeper.

Summarized, PLASMABIT can be characterized by 6 denominators:
  • 5-times cheaper than any of today‘s drilling methods,
  • 4-times faster in comparison with the other drilling procedures,
  • 3-times larger diameter at the bottom,
  • 2-times deeper than common drilled well,
  • 1 process for casing and drilling
  • 0 tripping and drilling bit replacement 

PLASMABIT is a revolutionary innovative cost-effective system for drilling and casing-while-drilling system (ContiCase system add-on). This comprehensive system consisting of several complementary subsystems each solving a specific task during drilling process:
  • PLASMABIT Rock disintegration system - Non-contact drilling process based on innovative approach modified for extreme thermal, physical and pressure conditions.
  • PLASMABIT Interface with surface subsystem - Advanced cabling solution for energy and material supply for PLASMABIT rock disintegration system enabling real-time Measuring-While-Drilling with online connection to downhole drilling activities. 
  • PLASMABIT Movement and anchoring subsystem - Autonomous movement and anchoring subsystem works in underground extreme conditions of high temperatures and high pressure securing synchronization of the drilling process with surface material supply channels.  
Regarding PLASMABIT, in order to learn more about it, we prepared the set of articles describing each of its components - one by one. Stay with us - we start in September.

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    We would very much like you to see if your drilling technology is the right one to be engaged in a geothermal proyect in South America.

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