Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Application of electrical plasma is the most qualified method for drilling deep wells

Slovak and Austrian research teams have been dealing with research of a new deep-drilling technology during last 24 months. The project consortium is composed of the experts from a research non-profit association CELIM Slovakia and Austrian partner, Technical University of Vienna. The project TeReGeo is funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme SLOVAK REPUBLIC - AUSTRIA 2007 – 2013.

In the first phase, cross-border expert teams performed the analysis of alternative technological solutions of deep drilling. Basis for evaluation of individual technologies were partial precision simulations of the physical phenomena. The most important criterion was a sufficient energy flow for the continuous disintegration of the rock. In addition, there must be conceptually resolvable way of bringing energy to depths of 10 km.

Under evaluation were the technologies of high pressure water jet, spark erosion, high voltage discharge, microwave radiation, chemical and thermal plasma, laser and explosive drilling. The result of carried out research is finding that the thermal plasma high-energy technology best meets these requirements. Moreover, kinetic energy and thermal energy flow of the plasma in pulse mode has suitable properties required for rock disintegration with high energy efficiency.

At present, the extended scientific research team deals with high-energy electric thermal plasma. The feasibility of this technology can be illustrated by experiments, filed patents, international cooperation and other projects approved by the European Commission.

More you can read in Slovak on web site of CELIM Slovakia on TeReGeo results.


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