Thursday, December 10, 2009

Google Insights indicates: Geothermal energy needs its evangelist

Maybe you know quite useful online utility „Google Insights“. Thanks to this service, provided under cloud computing, you can compare search volume patterns across specific properties. We looked closer at demand for keywords „geothermal“, „solar“ as well as „wind“ (among searches via Google). We compared just searches linked to industry and this made us to conclude: Geothermal energy really waits for its own evangelist. The demand for solar and wind keywords is much higher than for geothermal one.

Well, in line with the traditional Slovakian proverb telling that „it is much more better to see once than to hear twice“, here are the screenshots from Google Insights (click on them to blow up):


At the beginning, we chose those three keywords - geothermal, solar and wind. We set that we are interested just in web searches linked to industry, but worldwide. In other words, we asked Google Insights to show us relevant industrial demand for geothermal, solar and wind energy technologies, industry and technological products.


What we realized… Interest for information linked to geothermal energy was the lowest. As we can see on the graph, „solar“ (red) becomes searched at most. Less interesting is „wind“ (orange) and with the notable deficit, there is „geothermal“ (blue) at the bottom of graph.


One can object that solar as well as wind are terms related not only to energy, but to some other areas from daily life as well, like weather or holiday conditions. Let us remind that in step one we chose just interest related to industry. What are the most searched phrases related to keyword "geothermal", we can see on on screenshot, and there is also the trend telling, which searches  rise at most.


Well, the last question is: Users in which countries are interested in geothermal at most? The answer is on the last screenshot - it could be titled as „Geothermal Interest Map“. We could find there countries like Philippines, Kenya, Canada, U.S., Indonesia etc - traditional geothermal ones.

Looking at those graphs, once again we conclude: Geothermal energy really waits for its own evangelist.

You can check full Google Insights‘ statistics on this link.

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